2017 - My Woman on a Train

The Royal Blue released the 3 song EP My Woman on a Train recorded at SecondHand Studios in Appleton. We had some great shows in Minneapolis, a weekend on Washington Island, Phat Headz, Q&Z in Wausau, a Snowdrop Foundation benefit, and the new Gibson Music Hall in downtown Appleton. The year was rounded out with fun New Year's Eve gig at The Maritime in Appleton, and with our writing a good number of new songs.

2016 - Ramshackle Groove

The band continued in 2016 as a 3-piece and began working on new material to round out the set. The year saw more shows added to the resume including Electric City, Steel Bridge Songfest, Live Green, Union Jack, United Way, and the Snowdrop Foundation. In December we released our first full length album Ramshackle Groove. This LP was also recorded at SecondHand Studios in Appleton. It is available on CD Baby, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc., etc., etc.

2015 - The Year of the Four Piece

The year kicked off by the recording of the self-titled four song EP The Royal Blue. This was done as a home recording project at the old rehearsal space Locomotive Studios. The four songs received local airplay and helped promote the band for upcoming shows that year. Notable performances included Kaukauna's Chickenfest, The Reptile Palace, The Cold Shot, Copper Rock Cafe, Cranky Pat's and Gasoline. The band also a released two singles: Power and XTC; recorded at SecondHand Studios in Appleton.Jason Olson left the group at the end of the year on friendly terms and pursues solo work.

2014 - The Opening Phases

Karm Kerwell's solo material under the name karma Void was the launch pad for The Royal Blue. Karm was the lead vocalist in one of Appleton, Wisconsin's first punk rock bands, The Mess (1983-1986). After the late 1980s, Karm took a very long hiatus from music. He started writing songs and recording home demos in 2010.

Toward the end of 2013, the karma Void songs came to the attention of Jeff Taugner, Karm's old friend and bass player from the same punk band - The Mess. Karm and Jeff got together and began rehearsing the karma Void material and after a few months decided to get a band together as a sort of experiment. A Craigslist ad in 2014 aided in finding the additional Royal Blue cast: Jason Olson (Guitar/Vocals) and Jason Nelson (Drums).The early days of the group were a mix of acoustic and electric songs with Jason Olson providing his material to the mix. Both Karm and Jason Olson split the vocals and the song writing. As the group developed their material they preformed a number of local open mics. Toward the end of the year The Royal Blue had their first official gig as an opening act in Green Bay at the Crunchy Frog.