By: theroyalblue | July 02, 2020

The Royal Blue to announces the upcoming summer release of our 3rd LP!

Recording began in January at SourceTrack Studio in Menasha, WI. Although most of the tracking was completed by March, due to COVID-19 we couldn't finish until just a few weeks ago.

Mixing is now underway for 10 all-original tunes that will be appearing on the LP (order to be determined).

10th Lane Street / Dirty Knee / Graphite / Green Tea Lightning / Headline Daze / Kentucky / Lady You / Old Greek Road / Onion / Shatter

More to come as the release date approaches.

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By: theroyalblue | February 02, 2020

The Royal Blue began work on a new recording project in January with David Pietila at SourceTrack Studio.  Photos from January and February 2020.

Jason Nelson, SourceTrack Studio, Menasha
Jason and the eggs
David Pietila, Jason Neslon
Jason and David in conference
Karm Kerwell, SourceTrack Studio, Menasha
Working on "Dirty Knee"
Guitar tracking break

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By: theroyalblue | May 10, 2019

May 6, 2019 - The Royal Blue returned to NWTC to record our new single Kentucky.  It was great working with the students again!  We are waiting on their final mix and then well release the new tune!

Jason Nelson, The Royal Blue, NWTC, Green Bay
Jeff Taugner, The Royal Blue, NWTC, Green Bay
Karm Kerwell, The Royal Blue, NWTC, Green Bay

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By: theroyalblue | November 13, 2018

On November 5th The Royal Blue had the opportunity to work with students at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College's Audio Production program to record a new tune called Green Tea Lightning.  

The students ran the session and will be working on a number of final mixes for a future release.

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College - The Royal Blue
NWTC Crew and The Blue
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College - Karm Kerwell
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College - Jeff Taugner
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College - Jason Nelson

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By: Brilliant Frog | February 18, 2018

The Royal Blue has been recording some new songs at Green Bay's I Scream Parlour.

Jason Nelson, The Royal Blue band, I Scream Parlour
Jason Nelson behind the kit
I Scream Parlour, Jeff Taugner, Karm Kerwell
The Royal Blue in the studio

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By: theroyalblue | August 26, 2017

We've been doing a little recording this summer at SecondHand Studios.  3 new tunes should be ready for public consumption soon!

Karm Kerwell, Aaron Duesterhoeft, The Royal Blue Band
Karm with our engineer and co-producer Aaron Duesterhoeft
The Royal Blue Band, Jason Nelson, Second Hand Studios, Appleton, WI
Jason between takes

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By: theroyalblue | October 09, 2016

If you haven't already seen on our Facebook site, we're working on an LP CD at SecondHand Studios.  We are hoping to have it released before Thanksgiving.

The Royal Blue at SecondHand Studios - August/Sept 2016

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