Meet The Royal Blue:

Karm Kerwell - Guitar / Vocals - The Royal Blue band - Appleton WI
Karm Kerwell - Guitar / Vocals

Karm Kerwell was lead vocalist for the Appleton/Madison punk rock band The Mess (1983-1986). Relocating to San Francisco, he became lead vocalist for the experimental/industrial band Systems Collapse (1986-1988). After a long hiatus from music, he found himself writing songs again. Some of his solo karma Void songs were a catalyst to jump-start The Royal Blue.

Jeff Taugner - Bass  - The Royal Blue band - Appleton WI
Jeff Taugner - Bass

Jeff Taugner played bass in the Appleton version of The Mess. After a long, mysterious disappearance Jeff has emerged from obscurity with a vast knowledge of the underground music scene. Reconnecting with Karm, he now plays several fine bass guitars.

Jason Nelson - Drums - The Royal Blue band - Appleton WI
Jason Nelson - Drums

Jason Nelson played drums in Seven Feet Tall from 1997-2007 (Appleton, WI). From 2007 thru 2012 he played drums with Quarter Life Crises (Green Bay, WI). Jason is now playing drums with The Royal Blue .

The Royal Blue - Garage Rock Style!

Photo by Bill Kapinski

The Royal Blue is a 3-piece all-original rock band based out of Appleton, WI.   We are an eclectic mix of alternative rock, folk, blues, garage,  and power pop. Our band started gigging in 2014 and have been playing regularly throughout the Fox Valley, Milwaukee, Madison, Door County, and Minneapolis/St Paul . Our first LP Ramshackle Groove was released in the winter of 2016, followed by our 3P EP My Woman on a Train in September 2017In  July of 2018 we released our second LP Big Bad Cake.  Our music is available on CD Baby, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc.  Or go to our Listen tab to check out the tunes.

We can be reached through the Contact section of this site, but we encourage you to reach out and message us through our Facebook page as this will yield a quicker response from us.